Client: Adidas + Tulsa University
Brand Identity. Lettering.
Typeface Consultant: Andrew Harrington
Photograph of football team huddling and raising hands up showing "number 1" hand sign.
Images of 1) updated Tulsa logo: white with red outline on a blue background, 2) photo of quartback throwing a football in-game wearing updated uniforming, and 3) old logo and refinement touchpoints diagram.
Visual diagram of overlapping logos: old vs. new. You can see a more steady baseline, angle of the letters, and more even inter-letter spacing.
A great level of refinement went into remastering the primary script. Numerous iterations were designed, pressure-tested and reworked, round after round, until ultimately yielding a version that felt right. Numerous small shifts combined to produce a cleaner mark void of tedious errors, small spaces or intrusive outlines. These issues, while small at first glance, created huge difficulties and added costs for the University when it came to manufacturing their uniforms. We helped them create a strong brand presence while effectively streamlining their equipment.
Animated GIF showing tweening between old logo and new.
Images of: 1) a photograph of football team in a huddle highlighting the new number system, 2) numeral system shown 0-9 on white and blue backgrounds, 3) photographs of the basketball team, track athletes, and women's volleyball team wearing new wordmark on uniforming, and 4) "TULSA" uppercase sans-serif wordmark.
The Tulsa Wordmark incorporates a hidden nod to their moniker, The Golden Hurricane, with the terminals of the "S" creating a swirling motion.
Images of 1) Hurricane uppercase sans-serif wordmark, and 2) full alphabet custom sans-serif Tulsa athletics font.
A custom display typeface was developed using the wordmarks as a launching point. The corner radiusing and letterform weights are consistent throughout all new wordmarks, and draw their proportions from the weight of the script. This created a top-to-bottom uniformity through-out the brand. It is evidenced by looking at the new uniforms across different sports.
Images of 1) a photograph of football receiver at line of scrimmage about to run out, and 2) the updated flag logo incorporating the new script and refined flag illustration.
We made sure to update any brand marks where their script was being used, including their secondary flag logo. Finally, rounding out the project, we created a branding guideline to define the usage and implementation of the system.​​​​
Layout image of brand guidelines, showing 12 selected pages.
Photograph of football player running with the ball wearing new black alternate jersey adorned with new ID assets.
Photography courtesy of the University of Tulsa Athletics department.

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