Client: CCM
Apparel Design, Graphic Design, Branding
Black and white image of early sketching phase compositions, 12 sketches in total in four rows of three.
Image of a custom-lettered "The Canada cycle and motor company" lock-up with lettering in dark grey on a black background.
Image of a motorcycle icon.
Image of "Fast as Puck" hockey graphic featuring a tonal skating player illustration and speedy lettering overlaying the player.
Humorous graphic featuring an illustration of a grinning hockey players head with missing front teeth and to the right of him text reading "Fight Club."
Custom lettering of the words "Fight Club," done in a very raw and gritty aesthetic.
Custom lettered "The Canada Cycle & Motor Co." lock-up.
Image showing three t-shirt mock-ups containing several of the previous graphics on center-front.

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